Animeeple 0.4

Creates animation data for 3D bipedal characters
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0.4.18 (See all)
Animate Me
Automatically retargets animation data onto bipedal characters through a track-based UI with support for sequencing, layering, and procedural motion-editing. The tool includes support for Collada and FBX files as well as the ability to run across multiple platforms.

Animeeple is an easy to use character animation tool. Animeeple is your source for 3D content. You can search and browse in 3D. Animeeple is an open marketplace where you can share your content. You can also sell and make real money from your own work.
With Animeeple, you can:
- Retarget animations onto characters
- Layer and sequence animations
- Edit animations using procedural modifiers
- Browse stock content in 3D from the Animeeple marketplace
- Differential motion path editing
- Render movies
- Animate your Second Life™ avatar
- Import your own content and publish it in our marketplace
- Transport your Evolver avatar into Animeeple and see it in 3D before you even buy it
- Export as Collada, BVH, and XML

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